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Fiber optic cables are used extensively for measurements, diagnostics, and in laser surgery. Our ability to build high power cables, work with polyimide coated fibers, match fiber lengths, and build long-lasting 405nm PM cables has made Coastal Connections a leading supplier of medical fiber optic cable assemblies. Our quality management system helps guarantee that you receive a consistent, quality product.


  Cables Supporting Eye Surgery
  Laser Pigtails for Flow Cytometry
  Arterial OCT Catheter Fibers
  Surgical Cables
  High Power Cables for Oral Surgery

Coastal Connections has supported Universities, Government Research Labs, and Corporate R&D centers since its founding. Stocking 100s of connectors, fibers, and cabling options gives us the ability to quickly build very unique assemblies to your demanding specifications. We also have extensive capabilities in testing loss, back reflection, polarization extinction ratio, beam profile, connector end-face profiles, fiber eccentricity, and optical path lengths. Cables can also be thermal cycled from -65 to 150C° in house and tested to more extreme environments with a local environmental lab (Experior Labs) that specializes in testing fiber optics.


  Matched Optical Path Length Cables and Devices
  Specialty fibers pulled up to 100 meters though plastic or steel cabling
  Connectors have survived 150 watts continuous power and 2,000-watt pulses
  LIDAR Assemblies

Fiber Optics have been used in space for decades. Coastal Connections’ founder, Andy Devine, worked on qualifying a single-mode connector for space in the 1990s and Coastal Connections has been working on fiber assemblies for space since 2003. Recently, we have been working on cables for laser communication in space and for the Cold Atom Lab on the space station. Coastal Connections’ QFC connector is tested to survive in space and our end-caps increase reliability in free space connectors.


  Laser Communication Fibers and Connectors
  Cables for Rockets
  High Power SM & PM Cables
  Vacuum Compatible Cables
  Vacuum Feedthroughs
  LIDAR Assemblies

Our defense cables are developed to support weapons, sensing, countermeasures, data transfer, and weapons testing. We have solutions for space, aircraft, ships, and ground applications. Cables can be thermal cycled from -65 to 150°C in house and tested to more extreme environments at a local environmental lab (Experior Labs) that specializes in testing fiber optics.

  High Power Aircraft Cables   Ruggedized Outdoor Cables
  Drone Cables   PDV Probes
  MID-IR Cables   Laser Ignition Assemblies
  29504 Termini for 28876 and 38999 Connectors   Cables for LIDAR
  ARINC 801 Cables   Sensor Fiber

Coastal Connections has been supporting space-based fiber optics since 2003. Prior to this, Andy Devine, its president and founder, spent 2 years qualifying a fiber optic connector to survive 10 years of thermal cycling in space. The lessons learned from this program are applied to every connector built. Coastal Connections’ Qualified FC connector was tested to survive in space reducing your risks. Coastal Connections is the world’s leading supplier of fiber end-caps for SM and PM fibers in ferrules and connectors which increases the reliability in free space optics.

  QFC, Space Qualified FC Connector   Vacuum Compatible Cables
  Fiber End Caps   Vacuum Feedthroughs
  High Power SM & PM Cables   Glass Capillaries
As the cost of fiber optic components decreases, industry is finding more and more uses for fiber optics. Cables are built for optical test equipment, downhole sensing in the oil industry, and wind sensing in the wind power industry. We terminate many different optical components used in industry such as modulators, circulators, lasers, and couplers. Cables are also built for absolute and incremental shaft encoders that have no electrical components in the encoder.

  All Optical Positional Sensor Cables   Metrology Cables
  Optical Test Equipment Cables  Multi-Core Fiber
  Downhole Sensing Equipment Cables
Laser Pigtails are designed for permanent coupling to a laser which makes their quality crucial. Typically, one side is a custom ferrule or capillary that is coupled to a free space laser beam while the other end has a fiber optic connector. On many pigtails there is a feedthrough which secures the external cabling to the laser housing. Behind the feedthrough, 900um OD tubing is used for flexibility inside the chassis. Coastal Connections has standard feedthroughs for Laser Pigtails.

  Long-Lasting 405nm Polarization Maintaining Laser Pigtails
  405 to 2,000nm Laser Pigtails
  MID IR Assemblies
  Steel Jacketed High Power Pigtails for Aircraft with PM, LMA Fiber