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Engineered Fiber Optic Cables

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Typical Orders

We are the ones to call when you need to order high quality one off prototype assembly all the way up to high volume production assemblies.
Below is a partial list of concurrent orders representing some our fiber optic capabilities:
· Qty 50 space laser communication cables
· Qty 500 medical assemblies per week
· Qty 50 PM low outgassing cables
· Qty 50 high power aircraft cables
· Qty 8,000 polished fiber ends
· $500,000+ defense contract
· Terminating and splicing fibers for an experiment on the Space Station
· Qty 70 short wavelength cables and laser pigtails going to Europe
· Qty 40 short wavelength laser pigtails going to Asia
· Qty 300 Photonic Doppler Velocimeter probes
· Qty 50 tight length tolerance cables
· Many other orders

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Unique Products

• Qualified FC connector for space applications
• High power cables for laser communications
• Vacuum cables down to -200°C
• Vacuum feedthroughs for PM fibers
• End-Capped long life cables for 405nm to 630nm lasers
• 250um OD End-Caps on 125um OD fibers
• Single-mode fibers for 2,000 watt pulses
• <0.75dB IL on random mated 405nm cables
• Fibers for arterial catheters
• Fibers for oral surgery
• Multiple PM fibers aligned in a single glass capillary
• Matched length cables within +/-2mm
•  +/- 0.5mm long fiber polished pigtails
• 0 to 45 degree polishes on fibers, ferrules and capillaries
• 1 to 5 fibers pulled through 100+ meters of PVC and/or steel tubing
• Mid-Infrared cable assemblies

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About Us

Since its founding in 2002, Coastal Connections has become one of the leading providers of engineered fiber optic cables and terminations in the world.  It serves the medical, space, defense, and industrial markets.  Their medical cables are sold around the world for laser surgery and medical diagnosis. READ MORE

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ISO 9001 Certified

Coastal Connections is ISO 9001 Certified for the Manufacturing of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies. CERTIFICATE

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CALL (805) 644-5051 to speak with one of our Coastal Connections fiber optic engineers and see how we can assist on your next custom project.

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