Coastal Connections has supported Universities, Government Research Labs, and Corporate R&D centers since its founding. Stocking 100s of connectors, fibers, and cabling options gives us the ability to quickly build very unique assemblies to your demanding specifications. We also have extensive capabilities in testing loss, back reflection, polarization extinction ratio, beam profile, connector end-face profiles, fiber eccentricity, and optical path lengths. Cables can also be thermal cycled from -65 to 150C° in house and tested to more extreme environments with a local environmental lab (Experior Labs) that specializes in testing fiber optics.
  • Matched Optical Path Length Cables and Devices
  • Specialty fibers pulled up to 100 meters though plastic or steel cabling
  • Connectors have survived 150 watts continuous power and 2,000-watt pulses
  • LIDAR Assemblies