Qualified Connectors

Qualified FC_Header

The Qualified FC connector is designed to meet the harsh environments of aerospace applications however it is affordable enough to be used wherever a rugged FC connector is needed.  The QFC can mate to a standard FC connector and be used with almost any fiber type or cable construction.


  • Suitable for single-mode, polarization maintaining and multimode fibers up to 880um
  • Ceramic ferules for better performance over time and in high vibration.
  • Integrated connector key for reliability
  • Hytrel 8068 boots are vacuum baked for 24 hours to pass NASA outgassing requirements
  • Wrench flats on coupling nut so that the connector can be torqued to 7 in-lbs
  • Built in the USA with Quality Components


The assembly process is the most important factor in guaranteeing performance on this connector. The assembly process used at Coastal Connection comes from a 2 year, multimillion dollar effort to qualify and build another single-mode connector for thermal cycling in space.