Coastal Connections is the world’s leading supplier of Fiber End-Caps for PM, SM and MM fibers in ferrules and connectors. Fiber End-Caps reduce the power density where laser light enters or exits the fiber resulting in longer life cables. Short wavelength light deposits contaminants onto the core of fibers. By adding a Fiber End-Cap, the power density is reduced eliminating the depositing of contaminants.


• Built in the USA with Quality Components
• ≤1um Fiber core eccentricity on 125um clad fibers
• ≥25dB PER on PM Fibers (Tested at the design wavelength)
• Fiber endfaces can withstand 25,000 Watts/mm2
• Fiber can withstand over 150,000 Watts/mm2
Measurements Available:
• Numerical Aperture
• Beam Ellipticity
• Extinction Ratio
• Polish Quality
• Endface Geometry
• Return Loss

End-Cap Illust

FireDamageFire damage from high power lasers
Created on fibers without end-caps

FireDamage_2Unknown 6um contamination of fiber core
Created by a 405mm laser on a fiber without an end-cap

APC, UPCPush/Pull
APC, UPC, Angle FlatScrew on
SMAUPCScrew on
1.25mm FerruleUPCCeramic, Stainless
2.5mm FerruleAPC, UPC, Angle FlatCeramic, Stainless