Connector STEP Files

The following files are meant to represent the outer dimensions of the connectors. They do not have internal details, spring action, or threads. They were created to help represent connectors in assemblies by Naomi Devine, a Foothill Technology High School sophomore.

FC Tunable Connectors

Used with PM fibers, fibers with ≤ 6um cores, multicore fibers, fibers with >127um cladding.

PM FC/APC for 900um Tubing

PM FC/APC for 3mm Cabling

PM FC/UPC for 900um Tubing

PM FC/UPC for 3mm Cabling

QFC Tunable Connectors

Used where on moving platforms, or where low outgassing is required.

QFC/APC for 900um Tubing

QFC/APC for 3mm Cabling

QFC/UPC for 900um Tubing

QFC/UPC for 3mm Cabling

FC SM Connectors

Used on SM & MM fibers with 6.5 to 105um cores.

FC APC 3mm SM Connector

FC APC 900um SM Connector

FC UPC 3mm SM Connector

FC UPC 900um SM Connector