Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

Coastal Connections designs and builds a large variety of SM, MM, and PM cable assemblies.  We stock over 100 different types of fibers, cables, and connectors/ferrules which allows us to quickly build what you need.  The fibers are installed into plastic and/or steel cabling up to 100 meters long.  Multiple fibers are broken out at the end of the cables and then connectors are installed following very stringent termination procedures that far exceed industry standards.  Cables can be matched in length or we can precisely stagger the length of cables and measure their optical path lengths.

Fiber Types:  SM, PM, MM, LMA, Photonic Crystal Fibers, Mid-IR
Fiber Buffers:  Acrylate, High Temp Acrylate, Silicone, Polyimide
Coastal Connections strips off polyimide coatings
Commercial Connectors:  E-2000, FC, LC, SC, SMA, ST, Duplex LC IP-68
Defense Connectors:  38999, 28876, ARINC 801, Test Probes
Ferrules:  1.25mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.2mm OD in Stainless Steel and Ceramic
Capillaries:  1.8mm OD for 1, 2, or 3 fibers, 2.5mm
Cabling Material:  PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE, LSZH, Hytrel, Polyurethane, PBT, PFA, Stainless Steel, Silicone

Fiber Polishing

Coastal Connections polishes 1,000s of bare fiber ends annually for medical and defense applications.  Fibers can be polished at any angle from 0 to 50°.  We polish PM fibers relative to the stress rods and can polish fibers of any diameter and any coating.  We take extra caution to maintain the strength of the fiber during fiber polishing as the polishing process can weaken the fiber.

Fiber Angle:  0 to 50°
Fiber Angle Tolerance:  +/-0.5° Relative to a Reference
Fiber Diameter:  80um to 3.5mm

Fiber Splicing

Coastal Connections has developed many splice routines for a very large variety of fibers.  These routines include the ability to adjust the NA of fibers for free space applications.  Coastal Connections is one of the few companies that offers PM fiber splicing as a service.

Fiber Diameter:  125 to 400um
Fiber Types:  SM, PM, MM, LMA, Photonic Crystal Fibers
Recoat Diameter:  250 and 400um

Analysis for R&D

Coastal Connections has invested in equipment to analyze the products it builds and to help customers analyze their own products.  We buy the best equipment for the job and maintain that equipment to the highest standards.

SM Lasers:  405, 488, 640, 780,  980, 1060, 1310, 1550
MM Sources:  850, 1300nm Lasers, 810, 850, 1300nm LEDs
SM Return Loss:  -10 to -80dB at 1310 and 1550nm
MM Return Loss:  -10 to -58dB at 850 and 1300nm
Polarization Extinction Ratio Wavelengths:  405, 488, 640, 780, 980, 1060, 1310, 1550nm
Polarization Extinction Ratio Methods:  Polarization Analyzer, PER Meter, Cross Polarizers
Fiber Core Eccentricity:  0.2 to 10um
Interferomic Image:  Almost any Fiber or Connector
APC Interferometer Measurement:  E-2000, FC, LC, SC
UPC Interferometer Measurement:  1.25 and 2.5mm Ferrules,  FC, LC, SC, ST
Beam Profile:  NA, Ellipticity
Visual Inspection:  Up to 1,000X Magnification
Matched Optical Path Length:  +/-5mm(0.1%+1.5mm)
Thermal Cycling:  -65 to 150°C